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June is here, in NC that means the return of the familiar smell of grass clippings piling up, the sight of lightning bugs flickering, and the sound of charcoal briquettes tumbling into the grill. We will arm you with 5 cool wines to celebrate the long awaited return to the outdoors. 

Santola Vinho Verde 2016  Portugal  $8.99
Once again, Santola time! Everyone digs this wine - wine drinkers, beer drinkers, boozehounds, beachcombers, fellas, and ladies, Aunties, Uncles, Grannies and Gramps. Light, crisp, refreshing, 9% ABV, screwtop, a little sparkle to it, super affordable and quaffable. Produced from Loureiro and Pederna grapes on Portugals green coast and dosed with a hit of Co2 at bottling. Delicious and essential for beach trips and grilling seafood!

J. Wilkes Pinot Blanc 2014Santa Maria Valley, California   $16.99
A rarely made varietal outside of Alsace, Pinot Blanc is a close cousin of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir grapes. Whereas Gris has greyish/pink skins, and Pinot Noir grapes have dark purple skins, Pinot Blanc has green. Blanc tastes more substantial than Gris while generally less oily than a Chardonnay. J. Wilkes offering is lively, creamy, neat and nutty with aromas of minerals and exotic pear skins. The Santa Maria Valley provides a cool spot to ripen fully reaching critical mass in terms of aroma and flavor. You could feed me this through a hose.
Domaine De Châteaumar ‘Perle de Rosé’ 2016  Côtes-Du-Rhône, France    $16.99
June would be the month we sell the most Rosé wine. It has all arrived from overseas like a tidal wave of flavor to quench all our thirst. This has been one of our favorites this year. Full-on aromatics of fresh cut fruit and herbs, big time intensity on the palette with loads of smooth strawberry, peach, and raspberry with floral energy. The Souret family are third generation winemakers with beautiful organic estate wines. Catch the wave before it’s gone!

Miura Pinot Noir 2015Santa Lucia Highlands, California   $29.99
Perhaps the hottest spot for Pinot Noir right now is the cool, breezy, sunny Santa Lucia Highlands along California’s Central coast near Big Sur. Formerly known for lettuce, the region has gained prominence as Pinot after Pinot has dazzled critics. The grapes for Miura are planted in the gravel and sand that have gradually eroded down from the mountains above the vineyards. It is a remote, arid, yet generally cool area with grapes ripening to the fullest phenolic extent in the sunshine. Thoughtful winemaker Byron Kosuge displays a very skillful hand with this Pinot Noir. Complex, textured, soft & spicy red fruit, refreshing grip and power to spare. A modern classic.

Jamsheed Harem La Syrah 2015Victoria, Australia    $26.99
Jamsheed wines are wild, electric, and left of center. They are whole cluster and bunch pressed, minimally intervened with, and most importantly - convey the character of the vineyards. Gary Mills is the reason. He is one of the faces of New Australian winemaking. Black and red fruits appear throughout - jostling for prominence - along with soft creamy oak, elegant bouquet, bold tannins and refreshing acidity - the sheer balance of all those flavors is impressive. Bring this to the BBQ and you are instantly the hero.









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Featured Wine Selections

Featured Wine Selections