Welcome to May in North Carolina! Mother's Day is coming quickly this month, so remember she must have wine. Good wine. We've got you covered. It's also time to gear up for those outdoor activities and beach trips. You need wine. We've got you. Graduations, Weddings, wine just makes all those things better. Here are five picks for the month:

Domaine de La Pepiere Muscadet sur lie 2015 Loire Valley, France  $17.99

Nothing is really finer than a chilled Muscadet while slurping down fresh oysters or steamed clams. Muscadet is the region. Melon de Bourgogne is the grape. Marc Ollivier is the winemaker and he takes his sweet time making Pepiere's Muscadet. He farms organically(lower yields, more healthy soils), hand harvests(for quality and minimal impact on the environment), uses natural yeasts(for detail and character in the finished wine), ages sur lie (the grape skins in contact with the juice gives the wines green apple skin oomph and citrusy staying power), then bottles with little added sulfites and only a light filtration(the wine's natural acidity and slightly salty finish shine through). These old vines have an exceptional exposition on a plateau overlooking the river Sèvre. This remains one of the wine world's very best values.

Walnut Block Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Marlborough, New Zealand  $14.99

The vision of two brothers and named after an old landmark Walnut tree inside the vineyard, This Sauvignon Blanc shows the modern styling with big neon grapefruit aromas and that lush tropical fruity medium silky body. Marlborough New Zealand began planting Sauvignon Blanc grapes in earnest in the 70’s and due to worldwide demand it now has over 60,000 acres under its distinct pungent vines!! 

Julien Schaal Shiraz 2016 Western Cape, South Africa  $14.99

Some of the local South African press have taken to calling Julien Schaal the “Savior of South African Syrah”. No wondering why. Eagerly awaited Julien Schaal’s Shiraz 2016 is here and its worth the wait! Pound for pound one of our all time best QPR wines (Quality Price Ratio) giving gobs of rich saucy fruit without the earth and rusticity of some other fine South African examples. Super enjoyable.

The Verdict Cabernet 2013 Victoria, Australia  $22.99

We are once again coming to the end of our run with The Verdict Cabernet Sauvignon. We hope to see it back in time for the fall! Enjoy it while its here. George Shinas is a chef, raconteur, criminal court justice, restauranteur, and wine maker. George has access to old vine Cabernet planted in 1898 barely eeeking out fruit. George is also a big wild man. He makes big wines, They are fruit forward, they are high in alcohol, they are super tasty, deal with it. Grill a steak, pop this bottle and enjoy life a little.

Vina Ardanza Reserva Rioja 2007 Rioja Alta, Spain  $34.99

A little something special here, A ten year old wine. Can I afford good aged wines? What makes them unique? Which are appropriate to age? This kind of wine answers those questions in a sip. The Reserva level refers to Selected wines of the best vintages with an excellent potential that have been aged for a minimum of 3 years, with at least one year in casks. A great many Rioja enthusiasts will tell you Reserva is the sweet spot where it things really get  good. This wine is from the Alta region of Rioja which is regarded as prime real estate for viticulture. This Tempranillo and Garnacha blend was aged for three years in American oak and five years in bottle. The wine is just now integrating beautifully. Seriously wonderful, have a taste!









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Featured Wine Selections

Featured Wine Selections