February, 2017
Jack Hicks, Wine Manager, BottleMixx


Wine Overlord transmission February 2017:

Love Drunk Rosé of Pinot Noir - Oregon 2016$19.99

Our buddy Andre Hueston Mack is at it again, and this time he’s got the first Rosé to market! Rosé has become a year round phenomenon for wine drinkers, dry yet fruity, acidic refreshing and looks awesome in the sun!! Inspired by the Champagne regions delicious Rose, this is single vineyard premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes from the 2016 McMinnville, Oregon harvest. The grapes are freshly pressed and fermented  into an energetic and delicious young wine for us to enjoy. Everyone should get a little Love Drunk from time to time!!

Pikes ”Traditionale Dry” Riesling - Clare Valley, Australia 2015$23.99

I’ve been reading more and more recently about the comeback of Australian wines. I’ve been reading for even longer about the breakout of Riesling. Let’s taste an Australian Riesling! If all you’ve ever had is the sweet German stuff for $10 or less, be prepared…this, is not that. Clare Valley provides a high altitude, varied mineral soils and cooling ocean influence on its Riesling - giving us super powerful lime cordial, clean steel, acidity, dryness, wet river pebble minerality. It would be hard to find a better companion for sushi or oysters.

L’O de Joncier Grenache – Cotes-Du-Rhone, France 2015  $17.99

Marine Roussel is the vivacious driving force behind this charming wine. She has been making wine in the family tradition since 1989. Her aims are to make a balanced, pure and mineral tinged wine even while working in the sunbaked river basin of the Rhone. To this end, the grapes are hand harvested early from low yields, fermented gently and quickly in cement tanks to retain freshness and acidity. Juicy, unique, with cinnamon and clove spiked wild fruit.

Corte Majoli Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore – Verona, Italy 2014$17.99

‘Ripasso’ means to pass through, in this case wine – through dried grapes used to make Amarone. This is how Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore is made. Corvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes from hillside vineyards aged in wood convey cherry, raisin, sweet spices and pink peppercorns and toasty oak throughout. Delicious and indulgent, if you’re going all out cooking for your love, this is a great pick!

Emmolo Merlot – Napa Valley, California2014$28.99

Jenny Wagner of the Wagner family (Caymus, Beran, Belle Glos) specializes in Merlot from Napa Valley - specifically this wonderful Merlot  fruit from Oak Knoll.  One of the most super-lush, smooth, and easy to drink wines I’ve ever come across. Dark berry jam, Vanilla, Expansive. BONUS: I’ve secured a price nearly half the normal retail – of course, this will not last. True love waits, the price on Emmolo Merlot does not.









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Jack's Featured Wine Selections

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