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2016 Meinklang Prosa Sparkling Pinot Noir  $16.99
From a family winemaking team farming a completely biodynamic wine estate and cattle farm in the Österreich region of Austria, comes this Frizzante style, or lightly sparkling rosé made from Pinot Noir grapes. It is all fun frothy strawberry slush and cherry skins dancing with little pink and white flowers. Just enough sweetness, This is versatile with food or an instant party starter for the Holiday season!
2015 Minimus Cellars Rockwell    $26.99
So here is a first. (Leave it to winemaker Chad Stock) A first vintage - and I think officially, the first time this combination of grapes has ever been blended together! 40% Tempranillo, 25% Syrah, 20% Blaufrankish, 10% Viognier, 5% Sauvignon Blanc. Strange bedfellows - but it works!! All hailing from Oregon and farmed organically, with half of this bad boy whole cluster fermented for extra character, then aged separately in Acacia, American, Austrian and French oak for 10 months. Unfiltered, cranberry, huckleberry, black cherry sauce, raspberry, espresso, honeysuckle and violet - YUM! 
2015 Broc Cellars Cabernet Franc   $36.99
Chris Brockway has quietly been astride the wave of NEW California winemaking for several years now. He uses ancient techniques and carefully considered pick dates (row by row) to make juicy, lower alcohol (and sweetness) styles of wine packed with details and character and for lack of a better word, drink-ability. His Cabernet Franc is sourced from the warmest slice of Santa Barbara County in Happy Canyon from a vineyard called Crown Point rolling from 500-1000 feet elevation. It offers gorgeous aromatics, spices, lush cherry, pomegranate and blackberry fruits packed with a natural acidity and splendid tannin structure that somehow makes you want sip after sip.
2012 Convexity Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley   $49.99
Another modern California winemaking legend is behind this sneaky-good 2012 vintage Cab. Winemaker Steve Matthiasson, who has been on the forefront of sustainable agriculture issues in the state for over two decades. This is no ordinary Cabernet. Hailing from the Red Hen Vineyard in Oak Knoll and the Vare Vineyard in Mt. Veeder, This is a composed Cabernet Sauvignon. It possesses elegant depth without the accustomed pushy weight. Supple, fleshy black cherry, dark plum, Sage, Lilac, toasted savory bramble, herbs, mint. Take this out for a walk with a great cut of beef, met with an open flame and adorned with your favorite fixings. You will not be disappointed.
2013 La Fleur D’Or Sauternes   $19.99 (375ml)
Made by Bordeaux based Sauternes expert Bill Blatch, this is an incredible value! Only made in the best vintages and sourced from friends of Bills. You get sweet candied apricot, peach, Mango, Toasty bits, and the kicker is the remarkable balance between the freshness and botrytis (a non-harmful micro-fungus that infects the Semillion and Sauvignon Blanc grapes of the region sucking out water and concentrating aromatics flavors and sugars by up to 1,000 percent.) Isn’t wine weird? Pair this with holiday desserts like luscious cheesecake, Almond tarts, or ice cream. 



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