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Since 2014 we have been bringing you the stellar beers from Wicked Weed Brewing Company out of Asheville. For the second time we will be featuring them with a complete 10 tap takeover! Wicked Weed is continuing to grow and this year it’s going to take 2 days to feature everything coming out of the Brewery!



Wicked Weed Brewpub Experience!
Saturday, May 19th - All Day

For the second time we’ve invited Wicked Weed to showcase the best they have to offer with a full 10 tap takeover! This was definitely one of our favorite events last year and we are seriously looking forward to it again!

Our local Wicked Weed rep Kevin will be here from 2-5pm with swag giveaways and to answer all your questions about Wicked Weed!

All of the beer except the Red Angel will be on tap right at 10:00am! Due to the extremely limited nature of the beers some will not have samples available.

Tap Lineup*

Pernicious: “Pernicious implies influence that is harmful in a way not easily noticed. This beer is harmful, not because of overwhelming hop bitterness, but because it’s balanced brightness insidiously ruins your expectations for all other IPAs. This hop delivery vehicle is crafted to enjoy fresh and often and because of its drinkability and clean finish you’ll never look at IPA the same again. The harm is done.”

Freak of Nature: “Freak of Nature. Noun. 1. An unusual, unexpected natural phenomenon. 2. An outlying, west coast style double India Pale Ale brewed with an abnormally large quantity of hops. 3. A delicately crafted, and crushable ale designed for fresh and immediate consumption. 4. A hophead’s vice or downfall. Ex: Though warned about its habit-forming hoppiness, they were seduced by the dank, tropical, and drinkable Freak of Nature.”

Artistry Series II Double IPA: The second beer in our artistry series, this double IPA combines traditional West Coast hops with an innovative dry hop of Cryo Mosaic and Cryo Ekuanot, which contain cryogenically separated lupulin. Resinous and juicy, this DIPA propels tropical hop flavor into an entirely new work of art.

Uncle Rick’s: “Pilsner is perfection, and perfection takes patience. After a lengthy and methodical fermentation, Uncle Rick’s emerges. We take the purest Blue Ridge Mountain water and combine it with German yeast, Noble hops, and traditional pilsner malts to brew our perfect Pilsner. For our friends and family, for sunny days and long nights, for celebrating, for relaxing, for Uncle Rick: we craft this beer for both the beer connoisseur and the connoisseur of life.”

Coolcumber: “Summer in Carolina is a time when days grow long, life slows down, and friends draw near. Gardens burst with brisk basil and fresh cucumbers, fireflies illuminate the night sky, and warm days leave us lounging late, our glasses brimming with golden nectar. Summer in the South is best served cool.”

Garcon de Ferme: “Garcon de Ferme is a foeder-rested, brettanomyces farmhouse ale. After fermentation, this pleasantly tart ale is blended back onto over a pound and a half per gallon of fresh, whole peaches to reflect and echo that the craft of the old has not been wasted on the young.”

**Chocolate Covered Black Angel:” Chocolate-covered black angel is a dark, sour ale that we combine with 2 pounds per gallon of tart Montmorency cherries. After the beer rests in Kentucky bourbon barrels, we then blend it into steel tanks with another 2 pounds per gallon of Montmorency cherries and 100 pounds of Honduran cacao nibs from French Broad Chocolates. Give in to the darkness.”

** 2016 Red Angel: “Red Angel is patiently and painstakingly aged in puncheons with 1.5 pounds per gallon of fresh, whole raspberries. After maturation in these neutral oak vessels, this sour is re-fermented on an additional 2.5 pounds per gallon of raspberries to impart fresh berry character. A total of 4 pounds per gallon (2.5 metric tons) of fruit renders Red Angel the complete essence of raspberry in a glass. Red Angel taps at 2:00pm”

Poperinge: Named for the largest hop growing region in Belgium, our Poperinge Saison is made with hops sourced from around the world, and is fermented with our Saison yeast. Juicy fruit aromas as well as banana, sweet pine, and a hint of lemon make this beer an easy drinking brew

All Beers except the Chocolate Covered Black Angel and Red Angel will be available in Growlers to-go.

*Tap Lineup is subject to change

**No Samples of these beers will be available