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New Brews with IBU's

IBUs were invented because it was hard to measure how "bitter" a beer was, just like it's hard to measure how "comfortable" your favorite sweater was all about the perception. Since the early 20th century, the IBU scale was introduced (and has evolved) as a way to put a number to, or quantify, this perception and assess just how bitter a beer turned out to be when it was ready to drink.

While sometimes misleading, the higher the IBU of a beer, the more bitter it will taste.

Join us for a day of showcasing hops. We will have 4 different beers for 4 different breweries that are truly doing unique things with hops. These aren't your regular IPA's, these beer stretch style boundaries and feature unique ingredients and flavors! Get a flight of all 4, or try a couple of your favorites!

Draft Lineup:

Burial/Zebulon - Fierce Invalids Hoppy Pilsner
Stone - Ghost Hammer IPA
Deep River / Trophy - Carpetbagger Double IPA
Almanac - Sour IPA


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